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Wacom Support in Seashore

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    First off, I think Seashore is off to a great start.    I'm especially happy to see support for wacom tablets in there, but I was wondering when we might see support for brush size as well as brush opacity. 

    Thanks again and keep up the goood work!  :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Whoops, I just noticed that this was covered in the previous post, and does seem to be supported, if a bit rough.

      An additional feature I would love to see in there that would really help seal the deal as great sketch tool would be incremental support.  Setting the brush opacity to about 5% and then seeing your brush  behave in an additive fashion really helps emulate a pencil sketch look and feel.

      It feels a bit slow right now at high resolutions.  It could use some optimisations there too...  of course... its not like its done or anything.  ;)

      Thanks again!


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