#69 image gets brighter by saving


If you save an image and reopen it, the colors are a little brighter. You even notice that by saving once and comparing the old to the new one. you could decrease brightness but since i'm editing one version of an image many times and need to save a lot then, this makes Seashore unfotunately unable to use for me.


  • Nicpaillard

    Nicpaillard - 2011-06-15

    I confirm this bug, it was there for as long I've been using Seashore and affect PNG saving (maybe other format, but I haven't checked). Editing is OK, colors don't change but at save time, colors change.

    When loading, colors are always good.
    At editing time, colors are OK.
    At saving time, colors don't change in the editor.
    When checking the file saved with Quicklook and with any others editor, colors are brighter.

    I'm no hardened programmer, so I can't help, but my intuition is that the bug is in the saving routine.

  • David Jones

    David Jones - 2011-09-07

    I am experiencing this problem as well. I'm not sure if this bug is reproducible or noticeable on all types of images, maybe there are only certain pngs with certain compression techniques employed, etc. I do have an png that demonstrates this problem if that will help in tracking down this issue.

    Also, imho, I think this should be bumped up to highest priority - I can't think of anything worse than an image editor distorting or altering images in anyway unintentionally. Imagine a word processor that mangled your sentences slightly everytime you saved it...

    Otherwise seashore is awesome, and have never had any other issues. This issue is very subtle, and like I said may not happen all the time.

    The image I have is a texture gray background. An example that happens: the rgb values is 5c5c5c, then save it - still shows as 5c5c5c. Then close it, reopen it the same pixel now has a value of 707070.

    Please let me know where I can upload my image, it seems only original poster can upload an attachment?


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    Anonymous - 2012-04-21

    Yup, I have the same problem. To reproduce this problem create a white image. Then draw the color red:163 green: 0 blue:0 save as a .png then when you open it again the red should be brighter. The red is now about 203 or 204. I assume it has to do with he compression algorithm, but who knows...

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've got the same problem. It's vey annoying... The same with copy-paste

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm experiencing the same issue. It seems that whenever a PNG is opened, Seashore transforms the image data using Apple's "Generic RGB Profile" (you can check that by manually inserting that profile as an ICCP chunk in the PNG - gives the exact same look as saving once with Seashore).

    So far I really like Seashore, but unintentionally changing image data is a deal breaker for graphics utilities.


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