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XSeal, new maintainer, etc

First of all, i (Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos) am the new maintainer of SEAL.
Secondly, SEAL is transforming to XSeal, which will be written almost from the scratch, based on my other software (available on sourceforge), The Force.
This puts the state of the project back to "Pre-Alpha".
This major rewrite is a must, since SEAL 2.0 failed to be the major rewrite of SEAL 1.0 :-) and followed the same architecture and design, while focusing on eye candy instead of the underlying system. Anyway, XSeal will be focused to good performance, preemptive multitasking (SEAL 1/2 used cooperative event-based multitasking). Also, unlike SEAL 1/2, XSeal will provide only a very basic window-based interface. Programmers should use this very basic interface to program low level programs (such as games) or a toolkit to program more sophisticated material. I'm planning to port GTK+ to XSeal, but this is only a plan and i don't know how possible this is.... read more

Posted by Bad Sector 2004-03-28

SEAL 2.00.11 is out, along with new site!

SEAL 2.00.11 is finally out! Go and get it from the Files section now! There are many changes and enhancements in this version - see the changelog for details.

The new web site is out - check it out at

A version of Bad Desktop 0.55 for SEAL 2.00.11 has also been uploaded - if you want an alternative desktop for your SEAL installation, try this!

Posted by Owen Rudge 2002-04-14

Absolute SEAL source code released

The source code to Absolute SEAL (aka Bad Seal 0.55), by Bad Sector, has been released. Go and get it from the Files section!

Posted by Owen Rudge 2002-04-06

Move (back) to SourceForge

As you may know, SEAL is moving back over to SourceForge. The latest source code will be integrated into CVS, and the site will be at The forums have already been moved - find them at

If you have any queries, post a message on the forums or contact me privately.

Posted by Owen Rudge 2002-02-20

Seal begins Independent development

We have waited for our project leader Michael Stencil too long. As of today, Seal has become the property of the entire Seal community. All further development will be on a more advanced codebase than originaly provide by Michael Stencil.

Our developers have been waiting a long time for this day, and here it is.

If anyone else wants to join us, e-mail and you will be added to the developers list after a quick review of your skills.

Posted by Amos Vryhof 2001-07-01

SEAL 1E beta 3 uploaded!


I found the time (yeah ;-) to
uploaded SEAL 1E beta 3 onto sourceforge!

The source code and the binary version will be also avaiable in some days!! If you want to mirror them, please send me an email!

What's new?
+many bugfixes in the kernel
+bugfix in scroller.c
+new funktion: DYNTEXT in dialogs.c. Fore info, read !GUIDE.TXT or look at smaledit
+improved smaledit (with dyntext), note you can DRAG&DROP the time/date
+Owen improved SFA, now supports MOD files!
+some other changes I cannot remember... read more

Posted by Florian Xaver 2001-05-25

Annual General Meeting NOTIFICATION


=========== NOTIFICATION OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ===================

Hi All

The time has come to establish a Committee to run the SEAL project. Michal Stencl has not fulfilled his obligations as President (Chair) - this is a moot point and needs no further

As our circle has grown, I have noticed attempts to circumvent HQ, the latest being Callum Lawson creating a seperate forum for developers. Now this is not without reason. Some of you feel that others are thieving code etc. But it will do no good to circumvent HQ. Now this is NOT my project or Michal's project or anyones. That is why this needs to be wrapped up. Without the input of Michal, we are lost - completely.... read more

Posted by Amos Vryhof 2001-03-27

SFA for beginners - FAQ


Uploaded a small documentation, how to use SFA,
how to include new libraries, write them etc.

It is small, but better than nothing!

Bye, Florian

Posted by Florian Xaver 2001-01-04

source code of SEAL 1E uploaded!!!


I uploaded the source code of SEAL 1E onto SOURCEFORGE which I got
from Michal Stencl some days ago.

I made 2 improvements:

+ cdplayer
+ imager

But there are memory leaks in the source :(

- html viewer (viewing a html file)
- DC (using F3 and F4)

I couldn't find the bugs in the source :(
So, please look at the source and search the error if you have time. This would help us a lot!

I haven't include the windows manager?
I think that it is so big, that it should be a sub-task! (like the sound driver). So in the kernel (sealsrc) an old version of the desktop is included.... read more

Posted by Florian Xaver 2000-12-26

SFA updated


I fixed two bugs in dlxsound.c and player.c.
Now it runs also in pure DOS (without LFN driver).

I uploaded the compiled exe and dlx files, too!!

Bye, Florian <>

Posted by Florian Xaver 2000-12-14

GAMES upload

I've upload games (v1.1) (i've not upload card library..).

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-06

SFA - Sound Format API and driver uploaded!


I uploaded the last release of SFA as subproject! You find it at the CVS tree /sound/.
I made also the new documentation public!
A new Subproject is defined: SFA!

Posted by Florian Xaver 2000-11-25

Uploaded two tools


I uploaded two tools which are included into XSEAL (SEAL/FreeDOS):


Setup program for SEAL. It automaticly setup SEAL.


Autostart program, which have to be in the autostart directory (can be changed in seal.ini -> pathes).

This was my first test how SOURCEFORGE/CVS/SSH goes and I had luck after some ours! :))
If somebody has question, write questions into the forum!... read more

Posted by Florian Xaver 2000-11-17

How to use CVS for developer!!!

First install wincvs:

Second you have to install SSH:

Much luck!!!

Posted by Florian Xaver 2000-11-17

CVS Clients

Well everyone, I keep mentioning that one of the strengths to having a sourceforge project is CVS. This means you will need a CVS client. I found two that I recommend.

cvs.exe is the regular GNU CVS Client under Win32. It is a 32-bit console program. is the graphical Windows client that I would recommend. There are others, but this one seems to be the most straight forward to use.... read more

Posted by Amos Vryhof 2000-11-08

Sourceforge account obtained

The Seal Project now has access to FTP, CVS, and other Sourceforge supported services. Maintainers and developers of projects should use these things to their advantage. I will create users as time progresses. If you want an account e-mail me (

Posted by Amos Vryhof 2000-11-07

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