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sdoc-0.5.0-beta is out!

SDoc has been rewritten using ideas from RTExt and
JEdit to help with memory consumption.

An XML highlighting mode has been added.

Plese see the wiki for more information

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-24

sdoc-0.4.0-beta is out!

Sdoc-0.4.0-beta is out!

SDoc now supports all JTextComponents
Added more documentation

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-17

Updates - Documentation

SDoc now has a wiki , not much content at the moment, but that will soon change.Look
for more documentation soon.



Also look for a webstart example in
the next few days.

Cheers :)
jd - mohadib

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-17

sdoc-0.3.1-beta is out

Got highlighting of selected text and the current line working together perfectly

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-17

sdoc-0.3.0-beta is out

Fixed bug with selected text highlighting

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-16

sdoc-0.2.1-beta is out

Fixed a few bugs and added

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-16

sdoc-0.2.0-beta is out

sdoc-0.2.0-beta is out.

Added basic undo/redo manager that is on by default.
Added several new words to the sql lexer.
Fixed a few small bugs

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-16

SDoc sightings \o/

SDoc sightings \o/

Xpontus XML Editor

A nice XML editor written by one of the guys who
helped me design and build SDoc.


An excellent database browsing application.

Please let me know if your project uses SDoc

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-16

First Release

SDoc-0.1.0-beta is now available for download.

Uses JFlex so its fast and easy to add support for new languages.

Supports JTextArea - this makes it very fast.

Does own text painting - taking over this
process , as opposed to using StyledDocument, keeps things quick.

Can highlight , completly , the current line.

Has a easily reuseable gutter class.

Posted by Jason Davis 2007-01-16

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