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[d47ed1] (defaulttip) by merlin262

Fix issue in playing field.

While freeing memory, also need to clear the list.

2012-04-02 02:07:07 Tree
[c62c7f] by Andrew Mulbrook Andrew Mulbrook

More header cleanup.

Push code from header to source in Player, and remove
some extra entanglements in a few locations.

2012-04-01 16:18:03 Tree
[f1c92a] by Andrew Mulbrook Andrew Mulbrook

rename ui to UserInterfaceManager

2012-04-01 15:58:07 Tree
[68aeb1] by Andrew Mulbrook Andrew Mulbrook

Make "PlayingField" passable

Toast the old "ObjectList" array and move to an STL list instead.
PlayingField now reads as decentish C++.

2012-04-01 15:51:38 Tree
[396140] by Andrew Mulbrook Andrew Mulbrook

Run through source formatter

2012-04-01 15:19:34 Tree
[1e5692] by Andrew Mulbrook Andrew Mulbrook

More cleanup of the code base

Fix the game entities to have knowledge of the playing field,
and collapse some of the dependency on random global variables.
Moving forward!

2012-04-01 15:10:08 Tree
[02ed2a] by Andrew Mulbrook Andrew Mulbrook

Massive rework of sasteroids

Worried that someone might come across this project, look sideways
and wonder "he writes code like what?", I decided to revamp and
cleanup the code. This is a first cut of reorganization.

Several objects are renamed, some of the more C-like functions have
been nuked, the project now uses autotools. More reworking to
come as the source base begins to cleanup. There's more than
likely (ok, definitely), a few things broken here.

Also, adopting a more distinct C++ style instead of the haphazard
mechanisms of before.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Mulbrook <>

2012-02-26 18:29:21 Tree
[7f71be] by cvs2hg

convert CVS tags

2012-02-26 16:23:19 Tree
[f3d182] by merlin262

Added changelog info. Fixed various bugs in spinner and enemy. Cleaned up some code.

2005-04-14 03:45:41 Tree
[9e781e] by merlin262

Basic cleanup for new release.

2005-04-13 07:21:42 Tree
[fc0392] by merlin262

.o files should NOT BE in CVS.

2004-05-05 22:22:18 Tree
[6db5c4] by merlin262

Fixes for nVidia cards/OpenGL standards... (doh)

2004-05-05 22:19:55 Tree
[e50260] by merlin262

Added wrongfully removed files back so CVS works again.

2004-05-05 04:05:00 Tree
[4743de] by merlin262

Forcing update of modified files.

2003-08-17 20:15:31 Tree
[558c32] by merlin262

Remove hard coded paths.

2003-08-17 16:24:55 Tree
[9c4b59] by merlin262

Fixed wrapping bugs, added alpha anim to shield/weapon indicators.

2003-08-17 04:12:46 Tree
[5115c4] by merlin262

Fix wrapping bugs.

2003-08-16 17:09:50 Tree
[fa2fda] by merlin262

Updating CVS for MacOS X port....

2003-08-16 15:57:14 Tree
[4e29c5] by merlin262

Update changelog, makefile.

2003-08-13 15:13:16 Tree
[c8e52c] by merlin262

Added copyright information for Nasa images, fixed crappy background.

2003-08-13 14:28:39 Tree
[4d4db4] by merlin262

Remove old bitmaps.

2003-08-08 23:46:00 Tree
[020d9d] by merlin262

More 3.0 move stuff.

2003-08-08 23:43:03 Tree
[1fdd9c] by merlin262

Move to sasteroids 3.0

2003-08-08 23:40:46 Tree
[638f52] by merlin262

First parts of move to Sasteroids-3.0

2003-08-08 23:38:53 Tree
[410088] by merlin262

Convert to png files.

2003-06-20 15:44:27 Tree
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