Dirk Höpfner - 2012-01-04

some how the configure.script does a create not working makefile.
Win32 with mingw /tdm gcc) and msys.

Here my one that works.

# Makefile by Dirk Hoepfner (hoeppie@gmx.de)

CC = gcc
STRIP = strip
DEL = rm -f
DIR = ls

# get all filesnames *.c
SRC = $(shell $(DIR) *.c)

# set .c to .exe
TARGET =$(SRC:.c=.exe)

# set all *.exe as target
all: $(TARGET)

# from target get *.c and compile to *.exe
%.exe: %.c
$(CC) -o $@ $< `sdl-config -libs` `sdl-config -cflags` -lSDL_gfx.dll
$(STRIP) $@

# delete targets
$(DEL) *~

cheers Dirk