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SDL-Ball 1.02 Released

This release fixes compile errors and warnings, includes a .desktop file and tweaks the default settings to show the background-image and use particle-system collision-detection. It also removes the pre-built binary.

This release is source-code only and does not include new game-content. It only affects packaging and re-distribution of the game, and is intended for people maintain an SDL-Ball package for an operating system distribution.

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2014-10-01

SDL-Ball Version 1.0 Released!

I consider it stable and playable now, this new release features some bugfixes, polish and few new features. But it does include a couple of new levels :)
I might make some add-on themes, they will be downloadable from the themes category, if you make a theme/level pack, I'll be happy to put it on here so people can find it.
Released version includes full source, all datafiles and ready-to-run executables for Linux and Windows.

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2009-01-08