#1 Use autotools for build under linux


I'm suggesting you to use autotools for building under linux. It'll simple distribution and installation.


  • Jimmy Christensen

    • status: open --> closed
  • Jimmy Christensen

    I don't know how to use autotools properly, did try to do it, but could find no way of moving the whole data directory without having to write each and every subdir and file into several Makefile.am files. If you know anyone who want to make it build with autotools I'll be happy to take their contribution.

  • Alexey Torkhov

    Alexey Torkhov - 2008-10-15

    We are using code like:

    mkdir -p $(distdir)
    (cd $(top_srcdir)/data && tar cf - `find . -name \*.ext` | ( cd $(current) && cd $(distdir) && tar xf -))
    (cd $(top_srcdir)/data && tar cf - `find . -name \*.ext2` | ( cd $(current) && cd $(distdir) && tar xf -))

    mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/proj/data
    (cd $(top_srcdir)/data && tar cf - `find . -name \*.ext`) | (cd $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/proj/data && tar xpf -)

    find $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/proj/data -name \*.ext | xargs rm -f

  • Alexey Torkhov

    Alexey Torkhov - 2008-10-15
    • status: closed --> open
  • Jimmy Christensen

    Thank you for the response, I'll see to it in the future, this item will be closed when I do get it to work :)

  • Jimmy Christensen

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  • Jimmy Christensen

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  • Jimmy Christensen

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