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New Release, Easdif 1.4.7

This is a bug fix release resolving 2 bugs
in the selection handling functions in Easdif,
adding a missing export declaration for an SDIF
function and fixing a number of problems with
the new matlab interface, that had been introduced in 1.4.5.

Posted by Axel Roebel 2008-06-02

New Release, Easdif 1.4.5

This is the first official release featuring the cmake configuration tool. For those who do not know it please look at
This tool allows configuration of the sources for all platforms and all major compilers and build environments.
We tested with gcc and unix makefiles (Linux/MacOS), Xcode (MacOS), MSVC 8 and 9 (Windows), Intel 10.1 (Windows).

Besides enhanced cross platform and cross compiler support the library now includes mex wrappers that can be compiled for matlab and octave.

Posted by Axel Roebel 2008-04-10