#16 sdedit-4.01.exe Fails on JRE > 1.5


Attempted to run the sdedit-4.01.exe file while having JRE 7 installed. The exe will not launch with JRE that high, says it can only run in 1.5. I find this strange, since I then downloaded the .jar version and after creating a batch file to launch the jar with "java -jar sdedit-4.01.jar" the application runs just fine in JRE 7. This needs to be updated for those Windows users who may not know that they can run the jar version.


  • Markus Strauch

    Markus Strauch - 2014-01-08

    This is likely to be a JSmooth problem (see http://jsmooth.sf.net) or caused by a misconfiguration of your environment. Please check how JSmooth determines the Java version installed on your system and get back to this discussion.

    • Jason "JRSofty" Reed

      It seems I cannot get JSmooth 0.9.9-7 compiled executables to run under Windows 7 x64. I get the error that the file is not a Win32 application.

      I also had to create my own jsmooth project file since I couldn't find one in your source downloads. So I could only assume what the settings you use might be. It could be because JSmooth hasn't been updated since 2007, it doesn't support newer Windows OS.

      Honestly not a big deal for me, since I'm old enough to remember before we had Windows, and used batch files for lots of things. I can run the jar from a batch file, and it runs well.

  • Markus Strauch

    Markus Strauch - 2014-01-09

    Here's the Jsmooth configuration file used for building sdedit.exe. Of course there is no indication of a maximum Java version.

    Last edit: Markus Strauch 2014-01-09
  • Jason "JRSofty" Reed

    Strange, using your .jsmooth file and making a build on the .jar that I downloaded from here, it's working on my computer. I'll have to see what I did wrong with my JSmooth configuration to see why my initial compile didn't run.

    However, it seems that the .exe that you've got set for download doesn't like my computer. I'm not sure what the cause could be. If you have any questions to help you track the issue, then let me know.


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