ClassDiagram is now official :-)

Hi everyone.
As for the last couple of weeks, the Class Diagram addin had become an official addin for SharpDevelop, and will be part of the code base for version 3.0 (already in the repository). The plugin is still supported and developed for SharpDevelop 2.1, and will be placed here on SourceForge (at least for now).

About the development - progress I didn't have much time to continue development, so no new release for now. However, there are some additions, including the Class Wizard addin, that is complementary to the Class Diagram addin, and allows adding new classes (will be extended to new structs, interfaces, delegates, etc...) using a quick setup form.
More to come, hopefully soon :)

Posted by Itai Bar-Haim 2007-01-05

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