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ClassDiagram is now official :-)

Hi everyone.
As for the last couple of weeks, the Class Diagram addin had become an official addin for SharpDevelop, and will be part of the code base for version 3.0 (already in the repository). The plugin is still supported and developed for SharpDevelop 2.1, and will be placed here on SourceForge (at least for now).

About the development - progress I didn't have much time to continue development, so no new release for now. However, there are some additions, including the Class Wizard addin, that is complementary to the Class Diagram addin, and allows adding new classes (will be extended to new structs, interfaces, delegates, etc...) using a quick setup form.
More to come, hopefully soon :)

Posted by Itai Bar-Haim 2007-01-05

PreAlpha3 released

Hi everybody!
After a long time of refactoring, I've finally put up the third pre-alpha release of the SharpDevelop Class Diagram Addin.
Most of the changes were done internally in the architecture, and this work is not yet done. However, you will see the new placeholder for the Class Editor, that will allow you one day to edit your classes structures using a simple grid view.
Right for now, selecting a class in the Class Diagram view will set that class in the Class Editor Pad, and double clicking a member will bring you to it in the code editing window (nothing different than the Class Browser Pad).
Well, until next release, enjoy the new features, and report severe bugs ;)... read more

Posted by Itai Bar-Haim 2006-12-13

PreAlpha2 Released

Hi all :-)
I've just released the new pre-alpha version, that includes some refactoring in the source code (available from SVN), somewhat better routing (but that causes the auto-routing to look funny, so to speak...), and first attempt for note items, still far from completion.
Give it a try, and I'll be glad to hear from you about problems you find (please don't report missing features and bugs about things don't look or work good, as this addin is far from completion, but anything related to crashes and severe problems like that are very welcome.)

Posted by Itai Bar-Haim 2006-11-25

Starting a refactoring phase

The project has just entered a major refactoring phase, in which I'll try to make everything more arranged, and increase the readability, usability and re-usability of the code and libraries.
This will take some time to accomplish, and I'll update the SVN during this work.

Posted by Itai Bar-Haim 2006-11-17

The addin comes to life

Well, still early to be really usable, but that's what implemented:
* Class Item, Interface Item, Enum Item. Note Item implemented but not usable at the moment.
* Basic Routing (only from bottom to top, left or right break).
* Basic Automatic Layout - builds a simple tree.
* Expand all, Collapse all, Match all widths, shrink all widths.
* Save / Load
* Create from project ("Show Class Diagram" in the project menu).... read more

Posted by Itai Bar-Haim 2006-11-17

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