#64 Remove prominent link to HTML documentation

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The prominently advertised HTML documentation gives a poor user experience (many clicks to read through the document, footnotes containing relevant information at awkward places, poor usage of screen area, volatile deep links into the document, no folding/unfolding of TOC, mediocre notion where you are in the doc because of lack of page numbers and visual impression of pages, etc)

We cannot expect anyone to clickread through the whole document.

And there is the PDF documentation (nice rendering and fonts, folding/unfolding of TOC, functional internal and external links, nicely archivable, it's an expected format for complex information. And one can (or could) print it!)

While HTML doc should exist it should not be advertised. (should only be reachable with at least an additional mouse click).


  • Borut Ražem

    Borut Ražem - 2012-03-12
    • labels: --> Website
    • assigned_to: nobody --> borutr
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Alain Portal

    Alain Portal - 2012-03-22

    I didn't understand why I wasn't able any more to access to the html version of the sdcc manual from the index page.
    Now I understand.

    This is a regression!
    Please, put back a link to the html version of the sdcc manual into the sdcc home page.

  • Frieder Ferlemann

    > This is a regression!

    Sometimes less is more.

    You say you want it back without providing a reason (while it has been removed due to the arguments above),
    so it's unlikely to happen unless a reason is given.


  • Alain Portal

    Alain Portal - 2012-03-25

    Sorry, I thought it was obvious.
    Now, how to access to the html version from home page?


  • Alain Portal

    Alain Portal - 2012-03-25

    And from where can we access to the html version?



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