#155 Make autoreconf -fi work.


The attached patch (0001-*) fixes the build system so that "autoreconf -fi" in sdcc/ re-creates all generated files (aclocal.m4, config.guess, config.h.in, config.sub, configure, ddconfig_in.h, depcomp, install-sh, ltmain.sh, missing, sdccconf_in.h) from configure.{in,ac} and Makefile.am using aclocal, autoheader, automake, and autoconf to allow building "from true source" as a (Debian?) maintainer once desired (if i recall correctly).

I split sim/ucsim/ddconfig_in.h into a generated ddconfig_in.h and a hand-written custom.h to retain previous behaviour and left support/cpp alone (despite some warnings) as it is synced with GNU cpp.

I put the patch here because I am not sure if these changes break the automated builds -- could someone please check it?
Works for me with GNU Autoconf (incl. autoheader, autoreconf) 2.65 and GNU automake (incl. aclocal) 1.11.1 on Ubuntu 10.04.


  • Raphael Neider

    Raphael Neider - 2010-08-03

    The second patch (0002-*) provides the changes to the generated files -- which should probably not be included the SVN but only in the released tar-balls. Removing these files from SVN would require all Un*x-developers to install autoconf and automake, but this should not be too hard (I do not know how up-to-date cygwin development tools are; they might be too old to support this patch series).

    The third (0003-*) patch contains no functional changes and is extracted from 0002-* due to the upload limit of 256 KiB.

  • Raphael Neider

    Raphael Neider - 2010-08-29
    • assigned_to: nobody --> tecodev
  • Raphael Neider

    Raphael Neider - 2010-08-29

    Having installed at least the current packages of
    autoconf (8-1, 2.13 and 2.65)
    automake (4-10, up to 1.11.1-1)
    libtool (2.2.7a-15)
    gcc (3.4.4-999)
    bison (2.4.2-1)
    flex (2.5.35-1)
    make (3.81-2)
    and their dependencies from cygwin 2.721 together with gputils-0.13.7.exe, I was able to "autoreconf -fi", "configure -q", and "make -j4 -s" the sdcc-src-20100829-5948.tar.bz2 sources of sdcc with the proposed patches applied [1]. Unless anyone objects, I will commit the proposed changes on 2010-09-04.

    [1] Actually, the build failed until I set GPUTILS_HEADER_PATH to the DOS-style path to the gputils "*.inc" header files using "c:\\gputils\\header" rather than "/cygdrive/c/gputils/header".

  • Raphael Neider

    Raphael Neider - 2010-09-06

    Committed a slightly modified version as r5954 (manual changes) and r5955 (automatically regenerated files).

  • Raphael Neider

    Raphael Neider - 2010-09-06
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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