Small Device C Compiler 3.0.0 released

A new release of SDCC, the portable optimizing compiler for 8051, DS390, Z80, HC08, and PIC microprocessors is now available (
Sources, documentation and binaries compiled for x86 Linux, x86 MS Windows and PPC Mac OS X are available.

SDCC 3.0.0 Feature List

* sdcpp synchronized with GNU cpp 4.5.0
* changed z80 and gb targets object file extension to .rel
* special sdcc keywords which are not preceded by a double underscore are deprecated in sdcc version 3.0.0 and higher. See section ANSI-Compliance in sdccman
* xa51 and avr targets are disabled by default in sdcc version 3.0.0 and higher
* introduced new memory model huge for mcs51 to use bankswitching for all functions
* removed generation of GameBoy binary image file format, rrgb map file format and no$gmb sym file format from sdld linker. Utility makebin generates GameBoy binary image file format, utility as2gbmap utility converts sdas map file to rrgb map and no$gmb sym file formas.
* implemented __builtin_offsetof
* asxxxx / aslink renamed to sdas / sdld and synchronized with ASXXXX V2.0
* majority of sdcc run time library released under GPL+LE license (see\)
* introduced --use-non-free command line option
* non free (non GPL compatible) header and library files moved to non-free directory
* deprecated --no-pack-iram command line option

Numerous feature requests and bug fixes are included as well.

You can download the release from:

Posted by Borut Ražem 2010-11-01

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