Small Device C Compiler 2.7.0 released

A new release of SDCC, the portable optimizing compiler for 8051, DS390, Z80, HC08, and PIC microprocessors is now available ( Sources, documentation and binaries compiled for x86 Linux, x86 MS Windows and PPC Mac OS X are available.

SDCC 2.7.0 Feature List:

* enabled Z80 floating point support
* ucSim simulator and SDCDB debugger native WIN32 port
* added gnu readline support to sdcdb
* removed deprecated pragmas
* sdcpp preprocessor synchronized with GNU cpp 4.1.2
* use memory buffers instead of temporary files
* added --fdollars-in-identifier command line option
* added --funsigned-char command line option
* SDCC libraries are --std-c99 compatible
* added --fverbose-asm command line option
* Z80 assembler is now case sensitive
* a default heap is added and automatically initialized
* initialized variables with an absolute address are allocated and initialized
* support for inline functions; consider it alpha quality

Numerous feature requests and bug fixes are included as well.

You can download the release from:

Posted by Borut Ražem 2013-03-12

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