Dear sdcc developers,
I have a recommendation:
It should be nice to separate the pic14 and pic14e targets more clearly in the sdcc project.
I mean the directory structure and organization of the files in the installed sdcc system.
The problem is around the libsdcc.lib file.
Now this file is compiled for pic16F887 and it can be linked to projects for 14 bit traditional core devices.
In some cases the 14 bit enhanced devices 16f1xxx requires different solutions and code, therefore new library is needed.
the same name of lib file (libsdcc.lib) can be used when the 14bit enh. port is separated totally.
Use the "pic14" and "pic14e" directories and each can contain the necessary version of libsdcc.lib.
This separation also can be useful for include files.
What do you think about this idea?
Best regards,
Tamas Butuza