Hi guys, Im new here.

I really like the sdcc project, and have been using it for a long time. I used to use a PIC kit with a bootloader. All I had to do was type "sdcc -mpic14 -p16f877 main.c" and my hex was generated and I could send it through the bootloader. Of course, I modified the lkr file.

However, I burned my kit last week, so I bought the new shiny USB kit. I use pk2cmd to burn the firmware. However, now my program doesnt seem to run anymore. I have returned the lkr file to normal, btw.

I have no idea why its not working. The only difference I can see is my hex file generated by sdcc is too small (1.6Kb), compared to sample hex files for the device (2.4Kb). Im guessing the sdcc generated hex file doesnt cover the configuration data (which is at 0x2007).

Can anyone help me? Im sure its a silly problem.

Vishnu Nambiar.