but the wiki from sourceforge is ugly!!!

2008/6/5 Maarten Brock <sourceforge.brock@dse.nl>:
Hi Nicola,

Thank you for your insight. But we already have a wiki (and a forum and
mailing lists and a tracker system).


> Hello to all!!!!
> I think that it's useful to add a proper wiki engine (or a forum!!! or
> both!!), and link it to the main page, and redesign better the main page
> so the user can interact with site and create community,  write there
> their
> examples in one place and not ask the same questions in mailing list
> anytime.
> If we get more examples/documentation more users start to use sdcc, and
> more
> developers, and more quality for the project I think.
> And the new millennium of documentation is the wiki form, that is more
> agile
> than a 2000 page pdf manual.
> Thanks for your work and if is needed i'm here
> Nicola Lunghi
> (from Italy)

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