The problem is solved it is some wrong with the code

On 1/20/07, george john <> wrote:
Is OR and AND operation is supported in SDCC .whether hearder file is required or not

  PORTC = PORTC|0x04;  //rs=0,rw=1,E=2 for command rs=0 rw=0 and en=1(00000100)
this code is not working plz replay me

On 1/20/07, george john < > wrote:
i am using sdcc version SDCC : mcs51/gbz80/z80/avr/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININative/xa51/ds400/hc08 2.6.3 #4543 (Dec 31 2006) (UNIX)
I solved the compilation problem by  typecasting value5 and value6 now compilation is ok.I am not sure about the i am trying to check that part.I want to know one more thing in pic16f877 to start an a/d convertion we have to set the GO/Done bit in the adcon0 .but in the header file it this bit is defined in three ways GO , NOT_DONE,GO_DONE will you plz tell which bit i have to set to begin A/D convertion .now i write this part in assemble.

Also in pic16f84a first pin of portb can be set by RB1=1
but in pic16f877 it is not any way to do this now i am setting the whole portb.
also i noticed one thing inside a c code if i wrote  an asm ie
bcf  STATUS,RP0;
it give an error that STATUS_bit PR0 is not we can solve this

On 1/19/07, Raphael Neider <> wrote:
Hi John,

> sdcc: /home/users/s/sd/sdcc-builder/build/sdcc-build/orig/sdcc/src/pic/gen.c:3609: genModOneByte: Assertion `result->aop->size == 1' failed.
> Caught signal 6: SIGABRT

Fixed in SDCC 2.4.6, r4581 (for both / and %). Thanks for the report.

> void multiply()
> {
>   value=ADRESH;
>   value=value&0x03;
>   value=value* 0.48;

You seem to use floating point arithmetics on the pic14 port. Could you
please report success or failure regarding this? I believed floating
point not to work, but did not check for a long time... Any report would
be highly appreciated. Anyhow, be warned: FP arithmetics might cause
further troubles. If in doubt, try to approximate using integer
arithmetics only.


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