now it is working thanks for the help .Now  i want to know from where i get a good documentation of sdcc .in the program sent to me contains these lines.
RA1 = 1;
 RA2 = 0;
i want to know from where you get the data that this type of declaration is possable in sdcc will you plz send me that link .help me

On 12/20/06, Raphael Neider <> wrote:
> I try the  program but i get an error that the RA1 And RA2 are not
> defined.I include the header files #include <pic14regs.h> and also
> #include"pic/pic16f84.h" i got an error the error is  Undefined
> identifier 'RA1'.i am usind sdcc and os is  linux debian h

You might be using an old version of SDCC (probably the 2.6.0 release).
Please upgrade using one of the nightly snapshots from or the svn directly, any revision
later than r4400 should do.
Check which version you have via sdcc -v: If it says #4400 or higher,
the above diagnose is probably wrong and I need to think about other
possible errors.


BTW: Code compiles nicely for my setup using SDCC 2.6.2 #4519.

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