The reason is that the mostly used sdcc development platforms are Linux
and Windows + (cygwin or mingw), where the default shell is bash.

Can you please replace lines

SHELL = bash


SHELL = sh

in device/lib/pic16/ and
device/lib/pic/ and try to rebuild the libraries? If
it will work, I'll change it in SVN.

I saw that bash is used also in sim/ucsin/cmd.src/ Please
replace the line:
DEVEL        = $(shell ( bash -c "test -e $(top_builddir)/devel && echo
yes" ))


DEVEL        = $(shell ( sh -c "test -e $(top_builddir)/devel && echo
yes" ))

You'll have to rerun the configure or at lease config.status after
changing Makefiel.*.in files.

Thanks for the information, I cleaned up all the configuration and then reconfigure all. Currently my openbsd box is still compiling. It is on old machine so it is rather slow :|. I will let you know as soon as I get the result.