On 4/27/07, Xiaofan Chen <xiaofanc@gmail.com> wrote:
> gmake: bash: Command not found
> gmake: *** [recurse] Error 127

Just an obvious question, do you have bash installed? I believe by default
the BSDs do not use Bash. I have FreeBSD installed and SDCC can be
built without a problem.

I usually use linux, therefore I didn't check if it is the problem with the shell. My openbsd box is using kornshell.
I will try it with bash later. Thanks.

Just curious, why OpenBSD? I think it is famous for security but not
for desktop use like
PIC development. Do they have sdcc port? Why not try FreeBSD if you want to
use BSDs instead  of Linux. Maybe NetBSD will be okay as well.
You are right. I had problem installing FreeBSD on my old compaq PC, it would not install, which made me switch to openbsd. I thought it has the same flavor, BSD. :)  By the way how is your progress with Pickit2 and FreeBSD?