On 5/5/06, Borut Razem <borut.razem@siol.net> wrote:
Hi Jonathan,

> I'm still here, but the deadline is May 8 for student proposals. I wasn't
> sure if anyone was willing to volunteer so I've been looking into other
> potential projects. I still want to work on sdcc for a google summer of code
> project though. So if anyone is willing to mentor me, please let me know
> soon.

Sorry that you haven't find a sdcc developer to mentor you until now.

You should understand that we (sdcc developers) are working on sdcc in our spare time. And the spare time is not something we have as much as we would like to  :-( . So it is very difficult for us to make a commitment for the mentorship.

To make the picture more clear, I have some questions for you:
- What kind of mentorsip you are looking for - only formal or a real one?

I think a real mentor will significantly improve the chance of success for the project.

- How much time do you expect the mentor will have spent for the mentorship (hours per week)?

I don't know.  You might be able to estimate the time needed after
reading the mentor faq (http://code.google.com/soc/mentorfaq.html)

- Is the location of the mentor important? A lot of sdcc developers are not from USA...

No. All communications are to be done online.

I think that for sdcc is more important to improve and stabilize it rather to add a new front end, which would even destabilize it if not done properly. There are many C99 features going in the direction of C++ which are the candidate for implementation before the C++ and there are many feature requests which can be implemented: possibility to compile more than one source file with a single sdcc invocation, integration of the preprocessor in the compiler (using the gnu cpp libraty), ...

Adding c99 features would be the goal of the project rather than adding a c++
front end. You confirmed what I gathered from user input about the needs of sdcc.
I understand that mentoring for the gsoc might be too time consuming. Plus,
there may have been deadlines for mentors that might have already passed
by now.

You are welcome to help us make the sdcc a better compiler even if you won't find an mentor for the google summer project.

Once I figure out what I'm doing for the summer, I'll see if I can.

P.S.:If you'll respond to this mail, please send it (or at least CC it) to the sdcc-devel list since I'm receiving only a daily digest from the sdcc-user mailing list.


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