From what I've gathered, people would prefer a completed C99
front-end before a c++ front-end. I would be willing to complete the
C99 implmentation for a google summer of code project.
Are there any developers who would consider signing up on
summer of code and mentor me if I were to submit such a proposal?

On 4/24/06, Philipp Klaus Krause <> wrote:
Jonathan wrote:
> Would ansi-basic be a more useful front-end to
> start with then? I'm not as familiar with basic as
> I am with c++ but that shouldn't be a big problem
> since basic is an easy language to learn again. I
> initially choose c++ because I know c++ better than
> basic and SourceBoost (the microcontroller compiler
> that I used before I started using sdcc) supports c,
> c++, basic, and pascal so I know its possible to write
> a usable c++ compiler for microcontrollers. Plus I
> think I would need to add some features of c99 to
> sdcc to make a working c++ compiler too.
> -- Jonathan

How about completing C99?

- inline functions (Feature request 785200).
- There seem to be problems about how to implement bool on some ports
(Bug 1468666).
- Passing structures as function parameters (Feature request 674638).
- Passing unions as function parameters.
- Structure and union assignment.
- Some more standard functions (like memchr(), Feature request 772292 or
rand(), Feature request 1166180).
- Error checking (Bug 1309013, Bug 1474589, Bug 1302048)
- Floating point support (Bug 1299007)
- Double.
- Support for 64 bit integers.
- Support for declaring variables anywhere.

Some of the above seem to be port-specific though.

I am not a sdcc developer, just an user.

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