btw: there is a script in support/scripts directory called somethig like  sdcc_cygwin_mingw32 . ( you can modify it to exclude support for non-pic processors )

It should get you running, when everything is compiled ( before make install ) go to lib directory and compile the libs for your pic.
In any case you'll need cygwin environment to compile sdcc on windows, mingw is just a way to compile/link it, to work without cygwin.


On Dec 6, 2007 9:42 AM, soliton <> wrote:
I am using mingw to compile it under Windows. You can find it here:
However to compile sdcc you also need bison and flex, you can find
them in gnuwin32 package at:
Also if your target is PIC microcontroller, then you also need
gputils. Get it from:

Good luck :D

Diskusi di

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