2006/7/4, Maarten Brock <sourceforge.brock@dse.nl>:

I have been elected to be on the SDCC developer team, but I can assure I
have had very little training in writing compilers at the university. I consider
myself a trained professional in writing software be it embedded or not, but I
will not claim I'm an expert on writing compilers. To me working on SDCC is
a hobby. I do not quite understand why you fell over my remark and my
fellow developers did not (yet?).

And if you look at the changelog you would also see there are always only a
few active developers at any certain time. I do not hold that against anyone,
it's just an observation.

But if I have offended any of my fellow developers I apologize to them.


> Maarten Brock wrote:
> > The code is bigger because SDCC is made by a few hobbyists, not by
> > trained professionals who can spend all day working on it.
>   Wow, THAT'S a pretty crappy thing to say.  I don't know of too many
> people who work on compilers (whether they're shipped from a big shiny
> building or not) that aren't "trained professionals".
>       -Dave

Hi list:

First of all, I think SDCC is a very great job. As write in my first email to the list, I'm new in the 8051 world, and I don't have experience in development under this architecture. For this, I do the questions of my first email, thinking, may be, I use erroneously some sdcc options. I don't want say any like if is "bad" the sdcc compiler. I yust think "It's great", but I don't know how it work; and for this I do some questions.

Thank's all, and specialy to Maarten for the right options for work with the DS89C430.