hello guys,

i've already written to you asking for help to modify de lexer and parser from SDCC to accept new tokens in the language C.
Now it's done!

But we don't know how to put the annotation in the ast in an appropriate way [SDCCast.c], how to translate it into the intermediary code [SDCCicode.c] and finally put that annotation in the generated .asm code [gen.c]

in other words:
i recognize sentences like
    while @70 80 (x>5 && y<10){...}
and what i need is to remain the values (70,80), and foward them 'till the .asm. so i'll get an structure like, i.e:
    cjne a,0x05    ;<@70@>
    cjne b,0x0A    ;<@80@>
where the commented code into <@ @> is the value typed in the C code.

can somebody help me?
i've read the sdcc code a million times, but it's not become a less difficult task for a non-scpecialist in compilers. :S:S:S:S:S:S:S

despite being an academic task, the aproach i'm trying to implement is gonna help to measure and optimize power consuptiom in embbebed systems, what is great for the scientific community.
for more informations about the project, look for PCAF [Power Consumption Analysis Framework].

great thanks
Emanuel Pessoa
Computer Engineering student
State University of Pernambuco - Recife - Brasil