I have found some strange problem about typedef usage in my project where I am using sdcc compiler. Bellow is my code automatically generated with Rhapsody and the compiler seems to have problems with it:

typedef struct RiCEvent RiCEvent;
struct RiCEvent {
    /***    User explicit entries    ***/
    /* Reactive object that the event is destined for.*/
    struct RiCReactive* destination;                /*## attribute destination */
    /* Used with static memory allocation*/
    RiCEventDestroyOp eventDestroyOp;                /*## attribute eventDestroyOp */
    /* id of the event.*/
    short lId;                /*## attribute lId */

It gives me error message:

RiCEvent.h:42: syntax error: token -> 'RiCEvent'; column 16                       (which is in the line of typedef)

What seems to be a problem? I have manually move typedef after the structure definition and that is OK, but this is not the solution.

Thanks for the reply,

Jernej Turnsek