Thanks.  I believe I set the _XPAGE equal to the CY7C68013's MPAGE SFR after I already wrote my own initialization routine.  I'm currently returning a value so that the sdcc's initialization gets skipped.  That helps explain why my XDATA, globals, and static variables were not being set.  If I have time to go back I'll try it again.  For now we are using XDATA global variables instead of local static variables.  Then we specifically initializing them as main starts.  

I impressed myself yesterday by writing and using a function that returns a pointer to a structure to eliminate an external reference to a global struct:).  Someday maybe someone will declare my code kosher instead of hacked...

Thanks again.  sdcc is working out awesome.  (V2.9.2, up to 7K of code starting with <4K conversion from Keil to sdcc in about 4 weeks, running under DOS CMD Window on WinXP).

From: "Maarten Brock" <>
Date: 10/29/2009 03:39 PM
Subject: [Sdcc-user] [Fwd: Re: Fw: Support for C99 designated initializers?]

Forwarded message follows


All global and static variables in xdata are initialized by crtxinit.asm.
This piece uses DPTR to read code memory and MOVX @Ri and _XPAGE to write
xdata memory. Afterwards _XPAGE is set to the start of pdata. Paged memory
(pdata) is 256 bytes or less, SDCC does not use _XPAGE after


> Maarten;
> Thanks for the reply.  I'm more of a hacker than a programmer.  It still
> isn't obvious to me after reading section 4.1.1.
> The Cypress manuals shows the MPAGE register within the CY7C68013 is only
> used for Upper Addr Byte of MOVX using @R0 / @R1.  I wasn't certain that
> the compiler would work or initialize variables or stop paging external
> memory just by redefining _XPAGE.  I do initialize the MPAGE register just
> in case the instruction is used.  But I didn't need to specify paged
> memory locations as the part has 16K built in and the EZ-USB development
> board has 64K of external memory too.  I don't plan on running out.
> I also couldn't tell how the compiler decides how large the paged memory
> is?  It looks like we have to track memory usage if we're using paged
> memory to guarantee that we stay within the physical limits.
> Here's section 4.1.1 from V2.9.2.  I do redefine _XPAGE to 0x92 just in
> case.  Then if the compiler does invoke a paged memory access it wouldn't
> corrupt P2 which is mapped to IOC (0xA0) of the CY7C68013.  I had tested
> for paging by decompiling the hex code and searching for P2 in the output
> listing prior to redefining _XPAGE.
> SDCCMan.pdf V2.9.2 Section 4.1.1 for reference...
> Kurt M. Sanger
> From:
> "Maarten Brock" <>
> To:
> Date:
> 10/28/2009 03:46 PM
> Subject:
> Re: [Sdcc-user] Fw:  Support for C99 designated initializers?
> Kurt,
> If you had read 4.1.1 too, you would have realized that
> it was enough to declare _XPAGE as an alias for MPAGE to
> make xdata initialization work. And it probably saves a
> lot of code memory.
> Maarten
>> Brandon;
>> In this case I would try initializing your structure within your main
>> startup.  If that works, then the compiler recognizes structures and its
>> just an issue of writing the startup code you need to initialize your
>> variables. (Section 3.12 Startup Code of sdccman.pdf)  I'm writing for
> an
>> 8051 embedded within a Cypress CY7C68013 IC.  I found I needed to write
> my
>> own startup function, and in it I initialize xdata variables.  I didn't
>> rewrite sections to initialize other data types such as idata, byte
> data,
>> and registers.  I have to remember to use global variables and
> initialize
>> them in order to guarantee that they are setup properly.  For instance I
>> had a local static variable that wasn't getting initialized too.
>> Kurt M. Sanger
>> ----- Forwarded by Kurt M. Sanger/241870/EKC on 10/27/2009 01:09 PM
> -----
>> From:
>> Brandon Fosdick <>
>> To:
>> sdcc-user <>
>> Date:
>> 10/27/2009 12:15 AM
>> Subject:
>> [Sdcc-user] Support for C99 designated initializers?
>> I tried to do something like
>> struct {int a, b;} mystruct = { .a=1, .b=1 };
>> and it didn't work, even though I used the --std-c99 option. Did I do
>> something wrong or is this unsupported?
>> The error message was:
>> ../main.c:38: syntax error: token -> '.' ; column 33

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