Hi Henko,
Normally somebody needs to know for which microcontroller you need an RTOS, but there is also uCOS. The source code comes together with the book MicroC/OS-II and it is highly portable for various microcontrollers.
The book expains the internals of the RTOS and how to port it. For further informations take a look at http://www.ucos-ii.com/ or contact me. The book is approx $70 and it's worth it. There is another book called Embedded Systems Building Blocks 2nc edition, which contains useful APIs once you have uCOS running.
Like this you would have a microcontroller independent framework.
I am also very interested in porting this to SDCC. If there are other people interested in this work, let's do it together.
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Hi all
Being new to the SDCC mailing list I would like to find out if anybody knows about a proper free, open source, pre-emptive multitasking scheduler that has been tested together with the SDCC C compiler. 
If there are no proper free shcedulers available I would appreciate suggestions for an affordable commercial scheduler that is good value for money and that has been tested with the SDCC compiler.
Any help will be appreciated