Did you have to get write access to update them ? I would like to include the docs there as well, and propose a cleaner structure, etc.  But i really dont want to bug someone to update the pages whenever i find a spelling error.
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I also took the libery to add some text that appears on the "Submit New" bug reporting page.  Previous there was no custom text with any instructions.  Now it says:

Please attempt to provide these important pieces of information in your bug report. 1: Sample code that reproduces the problem 2: Exact command used to run SDCC on this sample code 3: SDCC version tested (type "sdcc -v" to find it) 4: Copy of error message or incorrect output 5: Your email address (in case developers need more info)

Saddly, it does not seem to be possible to format this text in any way, but at least it's something that is (hopefully) better than what we had before (nothing).

Again, this is just a quick attempt to get something up.  If I overlooked something or it should be different somehow, I'll be happy to edit it.  Just let me know, or feel free to change if you want.