8 May 2002

Dear Sirs,

Will you be able to supply us the with HIGH volume of TFT LCD products ?

We are very interested in finding the right partner to start up some TFT LCD monitor business. The reason is that we are starting up a new production line of TFT LCD monitions in 15", 17" and 18.1 or 19", where we have been paying a very well known designer in Denmark, to make our new and very nice deign, for our TFT LCD monitors.

Right now we are looking for both the TFT LCD display suppliers and a very good manufacturers, who can assemble the TFT LCD Panels, Chassis, Back Broad etc. to a complete monitors for us under our own Brand.

So if you would be able to help us with this production, we are very interested in hearing from you a.s.a.p. Regarding the drawing / Design we have very Professional Materials for you to work after. We are ONLY interested in the very best quality - A grade.

Regarding the quantity we will buy per month:

TFT LCD 15".................................5.000 pcs.
TFT LCD 17"................................ 4.000 pcs.
TFT LCD 18.1" or 19" ..................2.000 pcs.

We need to have your current price and DELIVERY TIME. Today we are buying complete TFT LCD monitors under our own brand name Korea and our major problem is the delivery time.

What we are looking for is a high quality supplier who can supply either the complete TFT LCD Monitor or good stable HIGH quality (A-grade) supplier all the components from TFT LCD Panels, Chassis, back board, to all kinds of cables etc.

BUT - still, the delivery time is VERY important to us.

So if you think you can be our new long-term business partner, please send us your normal delivery time and what kind of forecast you need from us, to secure the future delivery.

Also send us your current product catalog and pricelist.

We look very much forward to hear from you and hopefully we will be able to start up a good long-term business partnership in the near future.

NB: To get some more information about BlueCom Danmark A/S please go to our web site http://www.bluecom.com

Best Regards

BlueCom Danmark A/S
Worldwide IT Volume Distributor

Charlotte E Larsen
Purchasing Manager

Blokken 11-13, DK-3460 Birkeroed, Denmark
Phone: +45 45945555, Fax: +45 45945500
E-mail: charlot@bluecom.dk
Web: http://www.bluecom.com

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