if I understood rightthe things going on you _only_ need the Borland C package if you want to compile your own compiler package. The other way is wating for 'offiicial' released packages which are available either with a cygwin-dll (comiled with GNU-C) or without (imho the better way for a windoze machine) bulit with a Borland C compiler.
If you've downloaded on of the packages all you need is a good editor and patience till your
code is ok :-))) Mine wasn't for a long time, cause I've started learning C with my degree project......
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Hi, Im wanting to program an 89C51RD2 device for my degree. I have been recommended SDCC. I have a WIndows 98 PC with 17Gb Hardrive. I understand that Borland C can be used. What version Borland C can I use, I may be able to get a Borland C++, is that OK.
    Am i better getting Linux and doing it that way????
Any help will be much appreciated
Adam Scoot