July 24, 2002


Those stocks are going nowhere! The real value is in the small caps and investors are starting to realize this. There have been numerous stocks making MAJOR rallies over the last few weeks and they are all trading  in the small cap arena. Investors are realizing gains in the TRIPLE DIGITS!!! You need to be looking for the companies of tomorrow with strong management, sound fundamentals, and great ideas. You need to be investing in stocks that have the ability to grow to new levels.

Shares Outstanding:
Market Capitalization
52 week high / low:
$29.9 million
.004 - .20

The OTC Informant is putting investors on HIGH ALERT, as all it takes is one…One Hit Artist, One Hit Record, or One Hit Song and NASDAQ:BB TWOK is One Star Stock you need to watch!!!

TWOK has the talent, management, and experience to PUSH its artists and this record company to new and exciting levels. Trading at only .08, the upside potential here is amazing. With only a 29.9 million dollar market cap, one star or one hit could propel TWOK’s market cap astronomically.

Having promoted many records, the top-notch staff at 2KSounds is preparing to take TWOK to the top!!!
With so many exciting things happening with this Company, we believe the time to look at TWOK stock is NOW!!

Backed by a staff with all the important contacts and respect needed to get their music heard, 2KSounds’ artists are gearing up to take advantage of the experience and relationships already forged by management, an advantage many artists can’t get with their record companies. TWOK and its roster of artists are preparing to make their move on the $35 Billion Recording Industry. Looking over TWOK’s last few press release, you’ll see their lineup for the fall season is starting to take shape.

Even though 2KSounds revenues are down this quarter, J.P. Turner has just released an independent report stating they expect 2KSounds to do $27,000,000 in revenues in 2003 with gross profit of $7,000,000 and net income of $4,500,000. That would earn $.011 per share. With a conservative P/E ratio of 25 that would put TWOK stock at $.275, which is a more than 200% increase from this level!!!!

2KSounds locates and promotes new musical talent, and produces and distributes their music through a variety of methods, including joint ventures with major record labels, sub-labeling and partnerships on albums by existing artists. Although 2KSounds has been in business for only two and a half years, their executives and staff have combined over 100 years experience in all aspects of the music industry. In the last 15 years, the members of the 2kSounds music industry staff have been associated with the production and promotion of many albums. Through their music industry staff’s experience and contacts in the music industry, they have entered into a Manufacturing and Distribution Agreement with EMI Music Distribution, a division of Capitol Records, Inc. (“EMD”), one of the five major world-wide music companies, under which EMD will manufacture and distribute compact discs (CDs), DVD-Audio and DVD-Video compact discs of artists associated with 2KSounds (the “EMD Agreement)

Michael Blakey:
Michael has a distinguished 20 year career in the music industry starting as a performer and ultimately as a music producer and music promoter. As a producer and promoter Michael and his associates have been a major contributor to the sales of many albums. This includes multi-platinum albums ( multi-million album sales ). Having run and owned his own independent production companies, Michael has been involved in numerous Grammy nominated recordings, listing such major recording stars as Willie Nelson, Bob Carlisle, Glen Campbell, Crystal Gayle, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline Duets, Englebert Humperdinck, among others to his repertoire of credits.

John Guidon:
Mr. Guidon has an extensive career as an entrepreneur. In addition to forming 2KSounds, Mr. Guidon was the founder, President and CEO of a very successful semiconductor company, ComCore Semiconductor. Backed by Venture Capital ($15M in two rounds), ComCore was sold for $122M in 1998 to National Semiconductor.
Subsequent to ComCore, Mr. Guidon maintained the positions of VP of Strategic Planning and VP of Network Division for National Semiconductor, Inc. Led by Mr. Guidon, the Networking group, with a staff of over 150 provide revenues of $100 million annually.

Investing with winners is a must in the stock market and TWOK has proven winners on their staff. With this in mind and TWOK stock being at such a low price of just .08 investors could be looking at very high potential returns.
You are now informed that TWOK has all the right ingredients to make that One Hit happen and it can happen for you!

This is the time period when the real players make their BIG TIME MONEY!!! This is your chance to be the leader in the market. With the stock market being down so much in the last two years, just like the bull run bubble we saw, this is the bear bubble. The market is oversold and this is the perfect time to start getting back into the mix as the bear bubble is about to pop.






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