Hi, Neider
can you tell me in which function of the source code that make this mistake, maybe I can make some repair..
My best regards. 

2012/12/31 Raphael Neider <rneider@web.de>

> I can confirm this problem with my experince. I found that the problem
> takes place when the "magic" number is an even number between 0x102
> and 0x1FE. I didn't find problem with 0x100 and less or with 0x200 and
> more. I didn't make test with all of the number from 0 - 0xFFFF, only
> just few around 0x100,0x200,0x300,0x700.

Code for implementing the special cases of adding 0x01LL (with LL
being 02..FE) was missing.
This bug should be fixed in sdcc r8321.

Thank you (both feqin fan and Gál Zsolt) for reporting/confirming this bug.

Happy new year and best regards,

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