Sorry, I'm such an impetuous person
I'm try hard to join the sdcc developer community, I have read all of the source code of the PORT PIC14,but some details I cannot     understand.  :-(
I test with 3.2.0,the __pdata really will cause the SIGSEGV.

sorry again to trouble you.

2013/1/10 Raphael Neider <rneider@web.de>

> Hi, why nobody answer my question..??

Probably because everybody is busy; sdcc is not a business with dozens
of full-time developers dedicated to it. Less so when regarding
individual backends/code generators/targets/ports.
I got your cross post on sdcc-devel / sdcc-user and your PM, sending
mails more ofter won't speed up things.

> in the PORT PIC14 keyword __pdata will cause SIGSEGV.
> C statement linke this:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> __pdata unsigned int pi = 0x1234; //whatever it is global or local
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SDCC should not segfault here, sure. However, __pdata is meaningless
to the PIC ports. It should be ignored and silently dropped (or
flagged as a syntax error).
I'll have to look into it -- hopefully by this weekend.

Best regards


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live long and prosper..