Hi Jason,

I have not used the PIC port of SDCC yet. But I believe what I am writing is valid for PIC as well.

The 'puts' function works by calling 'putchar' repeatedly. However, the 'putchar' function is not defined in the SDCC library, because SDCC does not know anything about the 'terminal' you are using in your project. So you have to write your own definition of 'putchar'.

In your program, there is no 'putchar' function (and you are not using 'puts' anyway). So please post the code where you used 'puts' function, along with the code of 'putchar'.

It is worth mentioning that by definition, the 'puts' function prints a 'new line' (i.e. '\n' in C) at the end.


On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 9:33 AM, Jason White <whitewaterssoftwareinfo@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello, I am writing a program (using SDCC) for the pic16f887, it is driving a Hitachi HD44780 character LCD. In the code I am trying to write characters to the LCD. First: directly 1 character at a time and then Second: using what is essentially the puts function (void puts_lcd(char *s)). The puts function fails to send anything more than the first character. What am I doing wrong ? or is it a compiler error ? relevant files are attached. Thanks ...

>void puts_lcd (char *s)
>    REG_SEL=1;
>    while (*s)
>    {
>        lcd_command(*s++);
>    }
>    REG_SEL=0;

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