Dear Tamas,

I use piklab software to write my PIC projects. Normally it does all compilation and links fine.

I invite you to enjoy it too.

I was looking about ande bellow the arguments used by piklab to compile and link. [NOTES] introduced here to clean my specific files. Please replace by the yours.

Compiling, it does one of this for each .c file:

sdcc --use-non-free --obanksel=2 --optimize-cmp --optimize-df -mpic16 -p18f24k22 -V --debug -I[MYPJTDIR] -c [eachfile].c


sdcc --use-non-free -mpic16 -p18f24k22 -V --debug -Wl-c -Wl-m -I[MYPJTDIR] -o[OUTHEXFILE].hex [A LIST WITH ALL THE .o FILES] libc18f.lib libio18f24k22.lib

obviously, the target is a 18F24K22.

I can make some tests for you.


Antonio Augusto Todo Bom Neto
Boole Embedded

PMI Membership ID: 2548138
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2013/3/3 Philipp Klaus Krause <>
On 03.03.2013 19:25, Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:

> Sounds like you don't link a crt0.o or not the right crt0.o.

Read crt0.rel for crt0.o.


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