When I am trying to compile my project the following error appears:

sdcc -Iinclude -V --xram-loc 0xF000  application.c cc1111rf.rel global.rel cc1111usb.rel cc1111usbdebug.rel -DCHRONOSDONGLE
+ "/usr/bin/sdcpp" -nostdinc -Wall -I"include" -DCHRONOSDONGLE -obj-ext=.rel -DSDCC_MODEL_SMALL -DSDCC_FLOAT_REENT -DSDCC=290 -DSDCC_REVISION=5416 -DSDCC_mcs51 -D__mcs51 -isystem "/usr/bin/../share/sdcc/include/mcs51" -isystem "/usr/share/sdcc/include/mcs51" -isystem "/usr/bin/../share/sdcc/include" -isystem "/usr/share/sdcc/include"  "application.c"
Internal error: validateOpType failed in OP_SYMBOL(left) @ gen.c:10475: expected symbol, got value
make: *** [chronosapplication.hex] Error 1

How can I locate the origins of this error?  gen.c doesn't seems to exist on my system and I haven't got a clue where it fails in my own code with this error message.