Currently I am on vacatios, busy waiting for gputils developers replies about the proposed release ;-) , so it is a little bit dificult to make svn commits. I'll do it next week when I'll be back.

OTOH the configure switch won't be needed if the gputils will be released before sdcc. But it can be usefull in the future, if / when we will have a similar situation.

Greetings from Grece,

On 19 Sep 2011 02:26, "Raphael Neider" <> wrote:
>>> How about a configure switch that allows to disable support for the new
>>> pics, thus allowing sdcc to be built with current gputils release?
>> I will look into this.
> I just added a --enable-new-pics configure option which includes
> 18f[24][3456]k22 devices in the device and I/O library build processes.
> When not given, libraries for these devices are not built, thus reenabling
> building SDCC with the current gputils 0.13.7 release.
> @Borut: The compile farm machines use custom-built gputils from recent SVN
> sources, so specifying --enable-new-pics should work (and is recommended).
> Could you please modify the build scripts accordingly?
> I added --enable-new-pics to the configure scripts in device/lib/pic16/
> and device/non-free/lib/pic16/, so one needs to use
> configure --help=recursive
> to see the new options. However, they are/it is also documented in
> sdccman.lyx
> Raphael
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