Thanks for the information,

I will look at the ABI difference but I guess I have to contact TI, I do not know what sort of deal they have which prevents them from providing libraries for other toolsets. I prefer keeping all my development on Linux.

No the fix is related the the claimed channel (0) being different from wIndex when calling libusb_control_transfer, and programmer could not enter debug mode.
I tried to contact the author about the fix, but sure I will file a ticket as well, I saw a mirror on Github so I forked it and updated it with the latest from sourceforge.


On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 2:38 AM, Maarten Brock <> wrote:
Hello dashesy,

I don't think it is possible to link IAR .r51 object files with sdcc.

Was your fix related to the message on the forum?

Don't you think that it's wiser to post a tracker ticket at
than to mention your fork here?


> Randy,
> Can you please share with us how you managed to use SDCC with CC2541 and
> TI's  .r51 files? I use printf for debugging anyways, so I just need to
> create hex files.
> BTW, I use cc-tool in Linux to flash with success:
> The project is here ( but I
> had to make some small fix for it to work in my Fedora19, the mirror is
> here (
> Maybe with some effort and combining with
> (
> on-target debugging can be feasible too.
> Thanks for any pointers
> dashesy

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