Thanks a lot Raphael.

On Oct 24, 2011 7:03 PM, "Raphael Neider" <> wrote:

> One day I had the impression that using unsigned char or uint8_t worked even
> if config word was bigger than 8 bits. Am I right?

That's right: the data type is ignored if the address (__at()) refers
to a config location. I noticed this when I looked into the problem
with the enhanced pic14-devices but decided not to change it. I do not
see the "right" way: Specifying uint16_t might trick the reader into
believing that 0x2007 and 0x2008 (or 0x8007/8) are set at the same
time, since the __at() directive typically uses a byte-based
addressing mode.
I'd recommend to use a larger type (uint16_t) to prevent changes in
the compiler (implicit, early range check and enforcement) from
breaking the definition.


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