Any progress on Debian packages?


On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 11:47 AM, Philipp Klaus Krause <> wrote:
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On 18.05.2012 10:54, Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
> Hi list
> Quite soon after the release of sdcc 3.1 I had a package ready for
> Debian. It is cleaned for complying with the Debian Free Software
> Guidelines (DFSG) but I can also make a full package for the
> non-free Debian part.
> The problem is that I haven't found a sponsor for the new version
> and the main reason is that version 3.1 creates a little bit bigger
> code than version 2.9, see below [1]

More information on the code size increase can be found at
Code size history for some backends can be found in the graphs at
it will take time go get code size back to what it was and better for
all ports though.

> I have mostly moved to ARM microcontrollers but I am very
> interested in keeping sdcc as a Debian package and I want the
> package to be up to date. But what does the list think? Does anyone
> miss the package? If anyone wants to adopt it or sponsor an upload
> you are more than welcome.

While I am an sdcc developer and thus get my sdcc from svn anyway I do
know people that would like to see current sdcc in Debian.


P.S.: I also think that a 3.2.0 release should be done sometime soon:
There have been many commits since 3.1.0; the list of improvements
since 3.1.0 has grown quite long:
in particular the gbz80 port is usable again, there have been massive
improvements in code size in the gbz80 and hc08 ports and sdcc now
works on the Hurd.
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