Could anyone grant me a wiki account? I want to add a few bugs/patches to the list.

Thanks a lot!

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 6:06 PM, Philipp Klaus Krause <> wrote:
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Am 05.02.2014 10:29, schrieb Maarten Brock:
>> There has been a long time since the previous release. IMO, too
>> long. I suggest we make plans for the next release.
>> Philipp
>> P.S.: Congratulations on commit #8921, Maarten. I see a nice
>> improvement in mcs51 code size.
> Thank you. I came across this while fixing a bug, but realized it
> would also improve generated code.
> I sure want to have a release too. And I'm willing to be the
> release manager if you'll have me. But I do have a one week holiday
> planned in two weeks during which I can't guarantee being online.
> I'll set up a release plan later this week.
> Consider this email to be the announcement that a release is coming
> up. I invite everyone to have a look at the Release Tasks and
> update them if necessary.
> Maarten

I updated the release and release plan pages to include the stm8 and
tlcs90 ports.


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