Please enable the regression tests, it would be a great start.

On your opinion, is there any chance for this port to become more stable? What are the most important missing/broken things?

Thanks a lot!

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 5:58 PM, Philipp Klaus Krause <> wrote:
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I noticed today that the pic16 port now compiles all regression tests
that were not disabled for pic16 before. So, I just disabled all
failing tests for pic16, and get a nice regression test result:

Summary for 'pic16': 0 failures, 6353 tests, 1629 test cases, 0 bytes,
0 ticks

I suggest we enable automatic regression testing for the pic16 port,
to keep this annoying, broken port from breaking further too soon.


P.S.: I guess that a lot of the failures are related to multiplication
being broken for certain cases: Fixing the two assertion failures in
the muldiv test should go a long way towards fixing other failures, too.

P.P.S.: The pic14 port is still a hopeless case. I don't know if there
are any tests that don't fail on pic14.
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