I want to use a bootloader (Scene Double bootloader) for PIC16 and it requires to export the full program memory range of your application (even unused range), with no eeprom nor fuses.

This is the exact text present in the bootloader manual:
Exporting a HEX File from MPLAB
Once you have written some firmware (using Sample Application as a guide) you will need to provide a hex file to format for
use with the Bootloader.
DO NOT use the hex file generated directly by MPLAB when you compile the application, as this may not include the full
memory range (we need a file of a known size), and also contains configuration bits which we do not want.
Instead, compile and the choose File->Export. Set it to only output Program Memory (no EEPROM or configuration bits). The
memory range should be the whole range of the device (or, choose the start to be the starting address of your user
application space, which is 0x2400 in the Sample Application example, and then end to be the top program memory
address in the device).

Does anybody know how to do this with SDCC?
Is it related to linker as gplink is generating the COFF file from which the hex file is finally created?

Thanks a lot.