Thanks for your answers.

I want it for PIC so Jeff Post's disassembler won't do it. Anyway the cycle counting facility looks nice.

I guess that I'll need to hard check the longest path in ASM and calculate the cycles, etc.
It would be really useful to have an automated tool.

Thank you

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 2:33 PM, Jan Waclawek <> wrote:
For 8051 (including its not-clock-compatible derivatives), some time ago I added a cycle counting facility into Jeff Post's disassembler.

I don't remember if it works also for Z80 or not. It requires to carefully read the documentation and to set up the disassembler control file carefully, which may turn out to be a really tedious work, maybe not worth the hassle.

Another alternative might be to single-step the ISR in a simulator (or emulator), with carefully setting registers (peripherals, memory positions etc.) so that it results in the worst case execution.

Jan Waclawek

----- Original Message ---------------
>I want to calculate the maximum execution time of a ISR and so estimate the
>minimum frequency required for the microcontroller.
>Does anybody know any software tool to calculate the maximum execution time
>of a function?

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