> This is intentionally: [...]

Ok, I just found it peculiar, because only 18f*k22, added in gputils
0.14.x I think, were excluded, but pics added in gputils 0.15 and 1.0
weren't. Also, it's only libdev18f*k22 that is excluded, libio18f*k22

Arrgh. I believe that I successfully built sdcc with gputils that did not support excluded devices back then. I do not remember if I treated libio specially ... And, yes, the list of 'new' devices has not been maintained when new(er) devices have been added, which leads to the situation you describe: some "older" devices are hidden whereas some "newer" ones are not.

Anyway, currently, there is more viable option at hand: The devices supported by gputils are already auto-detected at configure time, so we just (tm) need to generate proper automake conditionals from them and wrap all device-specific stuff in these conditionals (libdev, libio) and -- voila -- we have a maintenance-free gputils-version-agnostic build system. ... or we would have, if someone found the time to implement it. This should not be too hard since the Makefile.am are already auto-generated if I am not mistaken...

Thanks for the report; maybe something good will come from it :-D

Best regards