Ok, I just found it peculiar, because only 18f*k22, added in gputils
0.14.x I think, were excluded, but pics added in gputils 0.15 and 1.0
weren't. Also, it's only libdev18f*k22 that is excluded, libio18f*k22


Thanks for the report; maybe something good will come from it :-D

I am happy to announce that from now on (r8700) most of the pic14 and pic16 libraries are automagically built for the common subset of devices supported by sdcc and whatever gputils are currently in use. No more manual maintenance of to-be-excluded devices required ;-).
This covers both the device libraries (pic14/16), the io libraries (pic16), and the pic14 enhanced core libraries libsdcce and libme. There is now even a variant for enhanced cores that avoids the extended instruction set in the libraries to allow compiling for enhanced cores with gputils 0.13.{5,6}, which do support enhanced core devices but not yet the extended instructions.

Have fun!